Hot 1

90 ° F              Beginner Friendly
Hot Vinyasa Yoga Class: This is a foundation-building class where you will enjoy an invigorating full-body flow and learn fundamental principles. Perfect for novice students but enjoyed by all levels as we flow through a routine sequence consisting of beginner poses.​​

Hot 2

95 - 98 ° F          Yoga Experience a Plus
Hot Vinyasa Yoga Class: This is a confidence boosting class incorporating intermediate poses while flowing through varying routines and sequences. Designed to improve and challenge your yoga practice.

Hot Stretch

100 - 103 ° F      Beginner Friendly
Hot Yoga Class: This class focuses on relaxation and recovery. It is designed to alleviate muscle soreness and work the connective tissues in your body while treating yourself to a moment of rest and reflection with slow, relaxing movements. A favorite for all levels!

Hot Sculpt

95 ° F         Yoga Experience a Plus
Hot Yoga Class: This is a challenging, fast paced fusion class combining cardio and strength training with yoga. This class focuses on core strength while flowing through power yoga poses and incorporating hand weights with strength-training moves such as squats, lunges and bicep curls.


100 ° F         Yoga Experience a Plus
Hot Yoga Class:   WARNING!!  This class is NOT for the weak; but for the ELITE!! Scorch is yoga circuit training focusing on body conditioning and resistance training using high-intensity aerobics with yoga postures. This class will test and build muscular strength and endurance while giving you a cardio blast! This class is tailored for extreme athletes who yearn for challenging workouts that test their physical and mental limits. Be sure to hydrate and bring a towel... you will need it! (Only taught during Spring, Fall, & Winter months)

Restorative Vinyasa Flow

90 ° F         Beginner Friendly
This class is designed for every level. In this Restorative Vinyasa Flow class we move in all directions bringing  flexibility to our over-used muscles and strength to the under-used ones, finding balance in our bodies, hearts and minds.

Hot Series

95 - 103 ° F        Beginner Friendly
This class benefits all levels through a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing excercises. The selected postures will increase flexibility, tone muscles, and help to relieve chronic pain such as arthritis as well as  joint and back pain in addition to helping reduce stress and anxiety. This class is similar to traditional Bikram Hot Yoga.

Firelight Flow

100 ° F        Beginner Friendly
This class combines soft music and candlelight to calm the mind and bring relaxation to the body as you slowly transition between yoga postures to help you recover from the weekend and prepare for the week ahead.

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Participants must be 15 +

​​Members are asked to sign up for classes  ahead of time using Mindbody; and unregister from classes they signed up for if they cannot attend. 

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Valued Member :
Unlimited yoga classes / $67 per month (12 month membership)
*** $47 per month with Fitness Incentive Program ***

1 Month :
Unlimited yoga classes / $130

10 Class Pass :
10 yoga classes / $115   
(Expires 4 months after purchase)

Guest Pass :
1 yoga class / $15   ​ 

Team Sports Fitness / Special Events / Yoga Parties :
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Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota
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Qualifying members may receive up to $20 off their monthly membership.   ​

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