1. "I consider the practice of hot yoga to be a focal point of my wellness as it supports multiple facets of my life. Specifically, the warmth, solitude and cuing of poses allows me to strengthen and stretch muscle groups giving me pain and injury-free enjoyment of many other physical activities. The yoga practice can be accessed and enjoyed by any age, physical type or level of physical fitness as Jenna stresses each individual's personal practice. Modifications of poses are shared during sessions so do not be hesitant to try Namaste Hot. Immediately you'll find Jenna to be positive, nurturing, supportive, and professional. You'll feel welcomed immediately by both the practice and instructor as you experience the benefits of hot yoga at Namaste Hot!" Sandy K. Fergus Falls, MN
    Sandy K. -Fergus Falls
  2. "I love Namaste Hot! Best workout I've had in a long time!"
    Josie S. -Fergus Falls, MN
  3. "Easy to follow, great music, healthy for my body, and mind! Namaste Hot is welcoming, challenging, fun & yogamazing ! I vacation in Fergus each summer and Namaste Hot is a priority for me !"
    Cynthia S. -Salt Lake City, Utah
  4. "Namaste Hot is a great addition to Fergus Falls, and is one of my favorite things about our community. Jenna, the instructor, is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. She is dedicated to her students and encourages us to go at our own pace. She offers a variety of classes for people of all ages and skill levels, and she ensures that everyone feels welcome. The hot studio is excellent, and Jenna's classes are very rewarding. Going to Namaste Hot has become a ritual for me, and I always leave Jenna's studio excited for the next class!"
    Yunjeong F. -Fergus Falls, MN
  5. "There's just something about yoga that is so great for mind, and body. I love Jenna's easy to follow instructions, the warmth of the heated room, & the physical benefits of hot yoga. There are just so many perks, that if I had to pick one exercise routine for the rest of my life, hot yoga would definitely be it."
    Karla G. -Fergus Falls, MN
  6. "Since starting yoga over a year ago, I feel I have more endurance, flexibility and a better outlook on what my body can do. I have had some obstacles that have taken me away for periods of time, but I always feel amazing when I leave Jenna's classes. I truly enjoy the cool towels at the end of class, a nice touch to make me feel refreshed and ready for the day."
    Amy T. -Fergus Falls, MN
  7. "Four weeks and 14 classes of HOT YOGA completed! I do not enjoy exercising or sweating, but I LOVE these classes. Muscles are developing, flexibility is increased, I have more energy, my body is detoxing, and best of all… this insomniac is SLEEPING! Plus, I get to hang out with some pretty awesome people a few times a week."
    Vanessa W. -Fergus Falls, MN
  8. "Great for the mind and body. Jenna is an excellent instructor! Amazing workout."
    Sarah D. -Fergus Falls, MN
  9. "2nd class --- Loved it even more than the first one! I have an extremely stressful work week this week and this was a great way to take a few breaths and head into the week a little less high-strung."
    Nicole H. -Fergus Falls, MN
  10. "Jenna is an incredible instructor. The classes are intense but she always provides an option to take it at your own pace. I would highly recommend the studio and classes at all levels! I love it!!"
    Carrie B. -Fergus Falls, MN
  11. "Jenna is truly a Master, responsive to the needs of her students and an inspiration to us all!"
    Mary L. -Fergus Falls, MN
  12. "I tried it for the 1st time and loved it! Will be coming back!"
    Carolina F. -Wahpeton, ND
  13. "AWESOME!!"
    Gail V. -Fergus Falls, MN
  14. “Great way to get what I can't from running and weightlifting. Excellent cross training for martial arts as well as any other sport!”
    Brooks J. -Fergus Falls, MN
  15. "When I started doing yoga, I had really bad chest pain, my collar bone would go out and it was so painful! The more I do yoga the better it has gotten, to the point where it's totally gone now! I love it and I can tell I'm starting to get stronger the more I do it!  So THANK YOU!!!"
    Hope B. -Fergus Falls, MN
  16. "This has been one of the best things I could have added to my work-out when I started working out his past August - not only have I gained strength and muscle, I have been much more relaxed with my personal life.  In addition, I had chronic back pain from working a desk job and have gone from needing to see a chiropractor multiple times a week to not even going at all anymore.  I love that no matter what class I go to, I know I will leave feeling like I just had a great workout!!" 
    Rachel T. -Fergus Falls, MN
  17. "Namaste Hot has changed my life! I have more strength and more self esteem! It's worth every moment! Jenna is the most amazing instructor! Give it a try and see for yourself!"
    Lisa E. -Fergus Falls, MN
  18. "Excellent source of exercise and entertainment! Please do not let the word HOT discourage you, it is comfortable and enjoyable. The instructor is kind and patient, an excellent teacher. It is a relaxing and challenging way to bring movement back into my life. Those who know me will be shocked that I can be quiet and focus on breathing and movement, but I am pleasantly surprised! Try it and Enjoy!"
    Rachael S. -Fergus Falls, MN
  19. "Comfortable and clean environment, patient teacher, great workout no matter what level you are at. LOVE that I can attend any class and workout at my own level. It is a two hour round trip for me but totally worth it!"
    Sue A. -Morris, MN
  20. "Jenna reminds us that every day is different for every body and that yoga isn't about being better than your classmates, it's about listening to your body and doing what is right for you. I always need this reminder. I'd love to be that person in class that can do every move. I am not, but I have a lot of fun trying. Jenna makes it fun and helps build your confidence. She doesn't expect you to master every move on the first try - she just asks that you try. I may not be the most skilled yogi out there, but I definitely feel that since attending classes at Namaste Hot, I've learned a lot and have gained flexibility and strength. I may walk into Namaste Hot unmotivated and grumpy after working all day, but I always leave feeling more confident, strong, and of course, sweaty!"
    Jen G. -Fergus Falls, MN
  21. "Great way to let go of the stress of the day and gain flexibility. Jenna rocks!"
    Diane A. -Fergus Falls, MN
  22. "I just had a really great, really relaxing first experience at Namaste Hot. Everything from the atmosphere in the studio, to how the class was instructed, was thoughtfully done and made for an impressive first impression. I highly recommend giving it a try!"
    Susie T. -Fergus Falls, MN
  23. "I love that Jenna challenges us to try new things. I really like that she uses a headset so that her voice is clear and concise in guiding us through the session. At the beginning of the class I think "Oh my an hour of this" and before you realize it the class is over and she's thanking us for joining her on our mats for the night. Tonight when I shared with her that I was afraid to try a pose for fear of falling to the floor she gently reminded me it wouldn't be a far fall as the pose only kept me 6" off the floor. I laughed about that on the way home."
    Karen P. -Evansville, MN
  24. "I am enjoying this new journey! There's something very special about this place. The atmosphere, along with the lights, music, instructor, heat, sweat, and relaxation is top notch!"
    Jayna J. -Fergus Falls, MN
  25. "Adding hot yoga to my life was a smart move. It helps me destress and increase my strength and flexibility. I ain't even stressing about my messy bed! I also have a badass instructor."
    Jessica G. -Fergus Falls, MN
  26. "I absolutely love how I feel after I leave Hot Yoga. Jenna is making me feel strong and confident all while the infrared heat makes me feel liberated, refreshed and exactly what this mama needs for 45 minutes in the morning. Highly recommend Namaste Hot."
    Ashton F. -Fergus Falls, MN
  27. "Jenna does such a great job of powering you through your body's limits and then calming you into peace."
    Mary B. -Fergus Falls, MN
  28. "It makes me feel amazing! The instruction is fantastic with a great atmosphere. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Your body and health will thank you."
    Ryan F. -Fergus Falls, MN
  29. "On a whim I decided to check out Namaste Hot in November 2017 because I was ready to explore a new way to workout. After developing a consistent yoga practice I have been blown away by the way Namaste Hot classes make me feel centered, calm, and focused as my default setting. Jenna at Namaste Hot has not only helped me gain flexibility but new friends as well. Perhaps even more importantly, I've gained a new way of being in the world. Yoga at Namaste Hot will change your life."
    KCF -Erhard, MN
  30. "Great class as always!! Love my hot yoga studio... Jenna is the best! Great way to start the day. Always feel like my days are better when I get to a morning class!!!"
    Jenny B. -Fergus Falls, MN
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